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Aruba is considered to be one of the most desired wedding destination in the Caribbean.
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Amit + Tina - Indian / Aruba wedding video / Radisson 2012

When I first met Tina she was…how do I put it… rough around the edges. She basically defined the stereotypical Tomboy… I specifically remember comparing her to Al from Step by Step for all my TGIF followers.
I guess I’m in no position to talk, I wasn’t exactly a dashing prince charming at that point in my life. At the time I was sporting a Moe (from the 3 stooges) haircut and had a swagger only I thought was cool. Not to mention my strong opinions and general distaste for all authority... I was a rebel without a cause (and a bad haircut)
Needless to say, swadya camp was not a case of love at first sight. We avoided each other for most of camp and my memory of her quickly faded after I left. 
Years later I was attending NIU (Go Huskies!) and invited some friends over to my townhouse. One of those friends (shout out: Pooja) brought a friend with her, enter Tina Dave. She walked in with that confident attitude and at first I didn't recognize her, but within minutes of hearing her talk, I quickly remembered her from the TGIF days. As the night went on we recalled old times and even confessed the distaste we had for one another so many years ago, eventually that conversation led to her challenging me to some games, of which I was the victor.
As days went by, we hung out more and more. First with big groups of common friends, then with smaller groups of close friends and eventually it was just us. I moved out to UIC for my MHA where Tina was finishing her BA. I had grown close to her, at first as friends which eventually developed into a deeper relationship. Who am I kidding... from early on I had intentions of being more than just friends.
Cinematography by RealPix Cinema Films
Realpix crew
Editor and 1st camera : Roy Croes
2nd camera : David Wever ( Wever Motion Pictures )

3rd camera : Charity Croes
Production assistant: Jeremyh Maduro
Production assistant: Nelson Croes
Photography: Harry Pandya
 From Events Capture
Dj: Kaushal Chokshi
Wedding coordinator: Lisa Dammerman
Location: Radisson Aruba Resort
Special thanks goes to Amit and Tina for trusting me their special moments.
 And also to my crew members and my wife. Special thanks to David Wever from Wever Motion Pictures for
 his unvaluable work on this project.